Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hunter's Haven

Just a little writing practice this week, folks. Sit back and enjoy!


Not two miles South of town, you find a lodge alone in the wilderness. The sign above the door claims it to be the Hunter's Haven. A fitting title evidenced by the gentleman dressing this morning's kill. Two older travelers occupy the front steps, smoking their pipes and sharing impossible stories of days long past. 

Within, you find more of the same; rough types spinning yarns of one-ups-manship and partaking of the house's best ale. The interior decor screams proudly the profession of the clientele. Walls are adorned with animal skulls and pelts of every color. Chairs and tables fashioned from bone sit beneath a chandelier composed entirely of antlers. Racks of bows and spears are placed evenly around the walls. Above the hearth hangs a truly massive skull of unknown origin. A blackened bow of impressive size rests reverentially across it's horns.

The proprietor, "Dodgy" Hollins, wipes the bar with a rag before pouring you a tankard of sweet smelling ale. His smile is warm and friendly despite the trio of scars running from his ear to his lips.

"Welcome, friend. Can I get you a room or are you here to hunt the beast too?"


Hmmm? What have we here? Would this work for an intro? There's plenty to hint at story hooks. The place has some character to it. Too long, do you think? Does it have the right details? Does it need more? Less? What would you do differently if you were presenting this to your PCs?

Stay Classy?

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